Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Campus Update October 2014

Campus Chairs Update
October 2014

Collective Bargaining Agreements
Everyone should now have a printed copy of our current collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Contact your supervisor or local HR office if you don’t have a copy.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
With the changing of our institute’s name from SIAST to Saskatchewan Polytechnic, our bargaining unit won’t be impacted by this. Our official name of “Professional Services Bargaining Unit” doesn’t reference our employer name.

Extended Health Plan
We had our annual meeting with HR and a representative from Mercer to review our extended health plan. We continue to operate with a surplus. If you are interested in seeing the report, contact your local chair.

Letters of Understanding (LOU)
There are a number of LOU’s in the collective agreement which deal with establishing various committees that we are working on. More details will be forthcoming.

Long Service Events
Your local campus chairs look forward to celebrating our members’ long service at each city this fall.

Next Meeting
The next bargaining committee meeting is scheduled for November 12 and 13 in Regina.

Yours in solidarity,
SIAST Professional Services Bargaining Committee
Bonnie Bond
Ellen Leaman
Shawna North
Terri Wale
Deb Zawada-Wiebe