Monday, November 9, 2015

Campus Chairs Update November 2015

Proposals Conference
The following members are the delegates that will be attending the proposals conference on November 20 and 21 in Saskatoon. These delegates will decide on the proposals going forward that our bargaining committee will present to management during our next round of bargaining.

Moose Jaw
Duane Guy
Clara Bayliss
Ellen Leaman
Bonnie Bond
Shawna North
Heather Douglas

Faye Eberle
Prince Albert
Lyle Howat
Robyne Allan
Diane Langois
Jennifer Miller
Patrick Lo
Christine Nemish
Shelley Malko
Deb Zawada Wiebe
Lynne Parenteau

Nancy Ross
Kelly Schultz
Jon Burke

Cathy Van Goethem

Terri Wale

10,000 Days of Seniority
Congratulations to the following members who have reached the incredible milestone of 10,000 days of seniority:

  • Moose Jaw – Linda Schuweiler
  • Prince Albert – Katherine Sutton
  • Regina – Anita Hantelman-Stewart and Lorraine Wollbaum
  • Saskatoon – Bob Nutter, Ken Pokoyoway and Darlene Schaff

SGEU Campaigns
Find out more information about the active campaigns that SGEU is involved in.

In solidarity,
Shawna North
Bonnie Bond
Terri Wale
Deb Zawada-Wiebe
Brent Wilderman