Friday, February 6, 2015

Campus Chairs Update February 5, 2015

Brothers and Sisters, 

SFL charter challenge 
SGEU celebrates monumental decision! After three levels of legal review and eight years of litigation, the Supreme Court of Canada have ruled the Saskatchewan Party government’s Public Service Essential Services Act (Bill 5) is unconstitutional.  SGEU News Release

SGEU anti-privatization campaign 
All SGEU members should have received information from SGEU regarding our anti-privatization campaign. Please support your local SLGA store. Proceeds from public liquor sales return to our communities to help fund public services including education. Keep Liquor Public

Continuing education re-organization 
Recently an institute-wide meeting was held to discuss changes to the continuing education areas. Your bargaining chair, Shawna North, will be sending out an email to affected members. 

Fiscal restraint 
With the recent distribution of the fiscal restraint criteria and process information, members should advise their campus chairs if they are taking on additional workload due to vacancies not being filled. We want to make sure that our members have a manageable workload through this process. Your health and wellbeing is important. Homewood Health (EFAP Provider)

In solidarity, 
Shawna North 
Bonnie Bond 
Deb Zawada-Wiebe 
Terri Wale 

Ellen Leaman