Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Campus Chairs Update December 2015

Proposals Conference
Proposals Conference was held in Saskatoon on November 20 & 21. There were 20 delegates in attendance that reviewed and voted on proposals to be included in the next round of bargaining.

PEPP Lawsuit
The employer’s consultant is reviewing the files to determine if claims will be approved. We expect that appeals for denied claims will begin in March 2016.

Collective Bargaining Agreement Presentation - HR and PSBU
Bonnie Bond did a joint presentation with Labour Relations to Program Heads and CEC’s regarding our collective bargaining agreement. This presentation was offered in Regina and Saskatoon. Positive feedback was received and we hope to participate in these sessions again in the future.

Did You Know ...
…. that after you submit your revised JIQ, if there is a change in pay band the incumbent can only be challenged from more senior employees from the locale within the same department. See Article b) for the full details.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

In solidarity,
Shawna North
Bonnie Bond
Ellen Leaman
Terri Wale
Deb Zawada-Wiebe